Water For Gas (Water4Gas) says you can now burn water instead of fuel to drive your car

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Water For Gas (water4gas) breaks down water into HHO to fuel your car

Water For Gas (water4gas) founder Ozzie Freedom says that it is now possible to run your car on water instead of fuel!! He has developed patented devices that breaks down water (H20) into its individual elements i.e. 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part of Oxygen. The new broken down compound is called by different names like HHO, Brown’s Gas, Water-Fuel and Hydroxy. HHO provides tons of energy because of the atomic power of hydrogen and burning this only results in producing water instead of smoke.

According to the water4gas website :

The Water4Gas solution provides you with “Hydrogen-On-Demand” – you produce Hydrogen when you need it. No storage tanks!!! No trucks to haul Hydrogen in the streets. Far better for the environment; perfectly safe for you and your passengers. I speak from personal experience and the experience of 37,000 satisfied customers (yes, it has become quite a movement).

Even a police department in South Carolina is said to be using it.

Only time will tell how Water For Gas (Water4gas) will do in the coming days. Does it really have what it claims can rid the United States of its gas addiction?

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