Kite Surfer Kevin Kearney Now In Critical Condition After Trying To Surf In The Winds Of Tropical Storm Fay

by Trendy

Project Vortex-99: Occluded mesocyclone tornado (NOAA/unidentified fotog)
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This is a lesson for everyone out there – Please use your common sense and don’t take Mother nature’s fury head on. Kevin Kearney is a kite surfer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who decided to go kite surfing with his buddies in the winds powered by Tropical storm fay. What a bad decision that was! Kevin Kearney is now listed in critical condition at Broward General Medical Center.

Emergency workers picked up Kevin after he was dragged and blown around by the powerful winds. This kite surfer’s accident was captured on camera. Please take a look at this video and decide for yourself if you want to stay indoors or outdoors the next time you have a heavy winds warning.


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