Matt Harding And Gary Shcyman’s Video With Lyrics From Rabindranath Tagore’s Poem

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Matt Harding is a celebrity on the internet. After getting bored with his daily routine of showing up at work and making video games, he decided to wander around Asia with the money he had saved. On his trip, he recorded the only dance steps he knew. Some folks at ‘Stride Gum’ liked what they saw and asked if he would be interested in going around the world and making a video with their money. Why Not? said Matt and off he was on a world tour performing his dance in every nook and corner of the world.

Meanwhile, Matt got even more popular on the internet and was interviewed by big media outlets for his story. Matt and music composer Garry Schyman wanted to make a video featuring Matt dancing around the world. Garry composed some excellent music and decided with Matt that the lyrics for the music should be non-english. That’s when Garry chose famous Bengali writer Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ‘Stream of Life’ from Tagore’s book ‘Gitanjali’. Rabindranath Tagore had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature back in 1913 for this very book.

While looking for a singer, Matt Harding’s girlfriend Melissa Nixon found some videos of a singer by the name Palbasha Siddique on YouTube. she liked what she heard on the video and immediately asked Garry if she had what he was looking for. After finding out that Palbasha Siddique was a 17 year old high school junior in Minneapolis of Bangladeshi descent he wasnt too sure that she would fit. But after speaking to her and looking at her interest and enthusiasm, he gave her a chance to sing the song and send him a rough mix of her singing the song. He was impressed with her voice and found that she delivered exactly what she wanted. Palbasha Siddique and her mother were flown down to LA for the recording of the song.

After the song and the video were ready it was released on the internet. The video became a rage on YouTube and Vimeo. It is a classic and here it is.


Following the huge success of the Matt Harding video, Yahoo invited Harding to do a similar video on their campus. The video is shot all across the Yahoo campus. Look out for Harding dancing in front of the Google headquarters also known as ‘Enemy Territory’ to Yahoo employees (at 2:11 on the video). Here is the Yahoo video featuring Matt Harding.

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