Three Year Old Monkey ‘Mani’ Shepherds 100 Goats In God’s Own Coutry Kerala

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Monkey Mani

An inured monkey that made it into a farmhouse bleeding all over is now a major attraction in Palakkad, Kerala. The monkey was named ‘Mani’ by the farmhouse employees and brought back to good health. Mani now repays them by shepherding a lot of 100 goats and protects the goats by being on the look out for predators like wolves and jackals.

Workers at the Greenland Estate at Palakapandy vouch that Mani’s sharp eyes and ears can detect wolves or jackals that could spring from bushes or rocky clefts to feast on the kids.

If he senses some danger, the monkey will make a whistle-like sound to put the herd on high alert and to avoid the risk of walking into a trap.

When goats fail to reach tender leaves on trees Mani would jump on the branches and lower them by his weight so that the goats can eat to their heart’s content.

When the herd takes a breather under the cool shadow of trees, he comforts them by picking lice or fleas hiding in the their furry coats.

According to Martin, an estate employee, Mani was found by estate workers when the monkey was a toddler. His palm was injured and bleeding and they had looked after him for a few days, applying medicines on the bruised palm.

via : Times Of India & IBNLive

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