July 2008

photo credit: TheTruthAboutMortgage.com A northern virginia spa by the name ‘Yvonne Hair and Nails salon’ has been offering fish pedicures that have become very popular among its clients. John Ho and his wife Yvonne Le are offering fish pedicures where ‘Fish Doctors’ (Garra Rufa) are used to nibble dead skin off human feet. This is […]


photo credit: shareski Starbucks is slowing down in the US and concentrating on international locations like china where the market to be tapped is still huge. Some days ago, Starbucks had announced that it will close up to 600 under performing stores in the US. Today a complete list of Starbucks Stores on the closusre […]


A mixed race couple in germany, Florence Addo-Gerth and Stephan Gerth welcomed a very rare set of twins to this world. Florence Gerth delivered twins – one black and one white. Florence is west african and stephan is german. Doctors are calling this a very rare occurence. The odds of this happening are one in […]


Katrina Kaif is reaching new heights with her soaring popularity. After being voted the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by FHM Magazine, Katrina Kaif is now on the cover page of the world’s most expensive magazine, valued at more than $10,000 US. ITP Lifestyle owned ‘Kohl’ magazine is a popular women’s magazine in the middle east and […]

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After playing small roles in big movies like “Ocean’s 13″ and still not getting anywhere in Hollywood, Amber Hay probably decided it was time to date someone who mattered, for her to become someone who matters. She started seeing Joe Francis, the dude who owns ‘Girls Gone Wild’ magazine. Amber Hay has now landed on […]

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Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Religious and Cultural Center (in Chino Hills, CA) is currently under construction and being built by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. The BAPS Sanstha is installing a a 60kW grid-tied solar power system manufactured by GoGreenSolar. The Sanstha is estimating that the 60KW system will fulfill the new cultural center’s energy needs and […]


Katrina Hodge, nicknamed ‘Combat Barbie’, is a female soldier of the British Army who fought bravely in Iraq in 2005. She fought Iraqi insurgents and saved the lives of her regiment members. They were held at gunpoint when their vehicle overturned but L/Cpl Hodge punched the gunman and took his rifles. She said: “I was […]

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Time.com has an interesting article talking about how temples in India are going green and bringing in more revenue by going green. One of Hinduism’s holiest shrine, The Tirupathi Tirumala Temple, already has the world’s biggest solar energy powered steam cooking system and has been selling its carbon credits to a swiss company. It is […]

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An inured monkey that made it into a farmhouse bleeding all over is now a major attraction in Palakkad, Kerala. The monkey was named ‘Mani’ by the farmhouse employees and brought back to good health. Mani now repays them by shepherding a lot of 100 goats and protects the goats by being on the look […]

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