UK Company ‘Live Luggage’ To Sell Battery Powered Suitcase At $1,300

by Trendy

Live Luggage - Battery Powered Suitcase for $1300

A UK based company called ‘Live Luggage’ is getting ready to sell its new PA Series battery powered suitcases starting at $1,365.25. They say the suitcase has special sensors that know when you are trying to pull your suitcase and would give you a helping hand. The suitcase features two huge wheels at the bottom and has a motor in each of the two wheels. The batteries on the suitcase are rechargeable and will go for a distance of a little less than 2 miles on a single charge.

With rising air ticket prices and protruding bellies in most western nations, i guess this suitcase will probably be of no interest to most travellers. Frequent fliers, senior citizens and people with fat wallets might still be interested.

For more on this battery powered suitcase, read this blog by Mike Elgan at ComputerWorld

Live Luggage

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