Bad Idea! Check Your Emails And Surf The Web While Driving Your Chrysler

by Trendy

When events collide
Creative Commons License photo credit: nicolasnova

Instead of building more energy efficient cars, Chrysler is now trying to turn your car into a wifi hot spot. My first reaction when i read about this was WHAT??? Aren’t Cell Phones a big enough distraction already? The number of accidents caused by drivers on cell phones is still on the rise.

Chrysler says motorists can only surf the net when they are at stoplights and not when the car is in motion. How about implementing this in such a way that motorists can only surf the web or check emails when they have their gear set at “Park” or when the engine of the car is turned off?

Chrysler says it will be first to bring Wi-Fi into the car on a mass scale. The dealer-installed system, called UConnect Web, will be an add-on to Chrysler’s UConnect information and entertainment systems.


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