7 Easy Features That So-Called ‘iPhone Killers’ missed

by Trendy

Creative Commons License photo credit: Capture Queen ™

Last Week, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 2.0. Going by the initial excitement and response to this new version of iPhone, it seems to me that the iPhone will finally be a huge hit among the masses. Even the ones that could not afford the iPhone earlier will probably open up their piggy banks to get their hands on this marvel from Apple.

Its almost more than a year since the iPhone 1.0 was launched. Phone makers were probably running scared with the amount of press and publicity, the iPhone was receiving. A number of big phone manufacturers – Nokia, Samsung, RIM etc., have unveiled what they dub as ‘iPhone Killers’. Killers? Really?? Mike Elgan says that some of these ‘iPhone Killers’ might have features superior to the iPhone, but they did not copy the 7 easy features that he has enlisted here.

1. Huge letters and numbers
2. Empty, unused space on the screen
3. Transitions between functions
4. Do-it-yourself setup at home
5. A single cable for USB and wall power
6. Carrier bypass for music
7. A lack of choice between models

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