Green Motion – Environment Friendly Car Rental Company To Plant A Tree For Every Car Rented

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Green Motion Vehicle Rental in UK

‘Green Motion’ is an environmentally friendly vehicle rental (thats their tag line, BTW) company based in the United Kingdom. The company offers low Cabon-di-oxide (CO2) emitting vehicles for rent.

Starting in June 2008, Green Motion will partner with Trees4Good to plant a tree for every car rented at Green Motion. Trees4Good will mainly have these trees planted in the rain forests of Brazil and Borneo.

Trees4Good - to plant trees in rain forests of brazil

Commencing in June 2008, Green Motion, in conjunction with Trees4Good, will plant a tree on behalf of each and every one of its corporate and retail customers – you rent a car – we plant a tree. The cost of this programme will be absorbed by Green Motion and its network and therefore the company will not be asking its customers to opt in or out or in fact pay for each tree planted.

The tree planting campaign undertaken by Trees4Good is mainly concentrated on the rain forests in Brazil and Borneo. Their objective is to concentrate on re-forestation where the rain forest has been decimated providing employment for the local population as well as the ability to grow crops that in turn will allow the locals to be self supporting and be in a position to provide a sustainable future income which will contribute towards education and health care. Planting trees and subsequently harvesting their crops, which in turn are sold through the fair trade system to retailers including Tesco, Marks and Spencer and the Co-Op deters, at can provide revenue as a result of the crops which results in deterring the local population from cutting the trees down for profit.

The carbon benefits for each tree planted will more than offset each rental vehicle during its operational life with Green Motion, creating the world’s first and only carbon negative vehicle rental operation.

via : Green Motion

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