Los Angeles Drops 400,000 Plastic Balls Into Ivanhoe Reservoir To Block Carcinogen

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Plastic Balls Being Dropped Into the Ivanhoe Reservoir

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, commonly referred as DWP, has dropped about 400,00 floating plastic balls into the Ivanhoe Reservoir. All this in an effort to protect LA’s drinking water supply from getting contaminated with the carcinogen ‘Bromate’.

In 2007, the DWP discovered high levels of Bromate in the Silver Lake, Ivanhoe and Elysian. Ivanhoe’s water already contains Bromide and Chlorine and sunlight can trigger a chemical reaction between the two resulting in the formation of Bromate. The plastic balls are being dropped into the reservoir in an effort to ‘shade’ the water from direct sunlight.

Pankaj Parekh, DWP’s director for water quality compliance, says “Ivanhoe and Elysian reservoirs will be blanketed by about 3 million balls each for about four years”

Plastic Balls Being Dropped Into the Ivanhoe Reservoir

Via: LA Times – Images By Irfan Khan of LA Times

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