U.S Food And Drug Administration (FDA) warns of Salmonella Outbreak In Tomatoes

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Cherry Tomatoes
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The United Stated Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an alert about the outbreak of Salmonellois (Salmonella) in certain type s of raw tomatoes. All kinds of tomatoes varieties are under inverstigation, but raw red plum, raw red roma and raw round red tomatoes are confirmed to be in the outbreak according to preliminary investigations by the FDA.

The FDA is suggesting that consumers stick and limit their tomato consumption to – “cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, tomatoes sold with the vine still attached, and tomatoes grown at home.”

Following the announcement by FDA, Some national chains like McDonalds have already suspended the usage of tomatoes (via : Ctv.CA).
Subway is the world’s largest consumer of tomatoes and this FDA alert will definitely make many more restuarants and national chains to suspend the usage of tomatoes – very much like what happened after the E-Coli outbreak in Spinach. Grocery shops are also beginning to recall all stocked tomatoes. Whole Foods has already begun recalling some tomato varities (via:BizJournals).

The following areaswere identified in the advisory as affected:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico

For more information about the Tomato Salmonella Outbreak Check FDA’s Website.

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