E-Trade launches Mobile Application To Help Customers Trade On Their RIM Blackberry

by Trendy

Creative Commons License photo credit: RichieC

Online brokerage firm E-Trade has launched a new mobile application called E-Trade Mobile Pro for its customers. Blackberry users were always able to get to E-Trade’s regular website, but navigating a regular website on the small screens of mobile devices can be a pain. E-Trade mobile pro will provide a better interface to Blackberry users and let E-Trade customers perform trades on their cell phones as well as receive real time quotes.

For added security, the mobile app will be password protected. After 5 minutes of no-activity, the application will log out the user. If a customer still loses his/her blackberry and if any unauthorized trades are then carried out on that stolen Blackberry, E-Trade’s fraud guarantee will cover the customer’s losses.

Via: NYTimes.com

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