Hide those Adult websites from your boss – use the USB Smart Privacy Mouse

by Trendy


You can now hide those Adult and NSFW websites you are surfing at work from the eyes of your boss by the click of a thumb!! Not that i am encouraging you guys to surf porn at work, but this new usb gadget seems interesting. After installing and configuring the driver, you can define a set of “safe” windows that will be shown when you click on the thumb button.

This mouse is available at USBFever.com for $19.99

Here are some highlights and features of this mouse from USBFever.com

It seems that this is an ordinary mouse, yes it may be, and no it might not.
What make it differnet from others is that it has an extra button. (see picture 1)
This button works
– If you use it as an ordinary mouse without installing the driver, it is a short-cut key performs as the short-cut key at your right of your windows tool bar
– If you’ve installed its driver and still have not yet configure it, the it works as the short cut ket “ALT + Tab”, helps you jump from Windows to windows
– If you’ve installed its driver and configured it (see picture 2), then once you press the button, you can conceal any and all programs in windows and jump to your dedicated windows (as shown in picture 3). It might save your job…

– Protect your privacy: quick click to shut your current windows
– USB interface
– Optical Technology
– Scroll Wheel, no need to rely on scroll bar again
– high precision: 800dpi
– No need for extra power

Package Contents:
– USB Smart Privacy Mouse with 1.3m cable x 1
– Driver CD x 1
– User Manual x 1

(via redferret.net)

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