njection.com helps find speed traps in your area

by Trendy

njection.com is a mashup that helps pinpoint speed traps set anywhere on the planet. Though anything outside my “driving” area does not interest me, it seems like a useful service. Useful, if you are one of those drivers who have the urge to press on the gas more than allowed legally.

njection.com uses Microsoft’s live maps to display the speed traps on a map. Users can also submit speed traps that they find or think is set up somewhere by submitting a simple form on the website. What interests me is that a future update would help port this information about speed traps on GPS devices. Now that is really helpful, but we’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out.

This is what the creators of the website have to say about this service “Available now is Speed Trap, a mashup (Web application hybrid) that combines Microsoft Live Maps and the ability to pinpoint and review speed traps located anywhere on the planet. Membership is totally free. Speeding tickets are not. Insurance price quotes for a car/auto after a ticket is even worse. Inform yourself and others. Future revisions of the site will allow for uploading to mobile GPS devices and GPS Enabled Phones”

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