“Mystery Girl in Harajuku” – How a Flickr Crush turned into a real romance with a happy ending

by Trendy

I just read about this story on wired. Today is valentine’s day, so i thought why not post this good story here. so, here it is.

What are the odds of a canadian dude living in Scotland and a girl from England falling in love and living happily ever after. I would say the odds are good. But what are the odds of a Canadian living in Scotland falling in love with a girl from England due to a Flickr crush? Matt is a canadian who lives in scotland. On a visit to japan, he shot this picture and posted it to flickr.
Mystery Girl of Harajuku

He did not get a chance to see the lady, Cherry Vega (with a tatoo on her back), in the picture but he nevertheless posted the picture online on flickr and named it the “Mystery Girl of Harajuku”. Turns out, this picture was seen by a friend of Cherry’s and he immediately recognized the tatoo. He sent over the flickr link to Cherry, who is also an avid flickr user. Cherry leaves a comment on Matt’s picture and gives him the link to the picture that she was shooting at that time. Here is the picture :

Picture that Cherry Vega was shooting at that time

You can follow the trail of comments exchanged by Matt and Cherry Vega here.

What initially started as a Flickr crush led to Matt and Cherry meeting up and then falling in love for real. Today they are still together and a happy couple.

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