Super bowl XLII kickoff – super bowl date and time

by Trendy

Super bowl 2008 is here. The New England Patriots are clear favorites to win this super bowl. They have already had a record breaking season with 16-0 win record. The Patriots are trying to go down the history books as the best NFL team ever. They are only 2 days away from making that a reality. Tom Brady is already in the Hall of Fame after winning three superbowls. He will be unanimously chosen as the best NFL quaterback ever if he secures his fourth superbowl this sunday.

All this is new to Elli Manning but you can bet that he will give the New England Patriots a tough fight.

Watch the Newyork Giants take the New England Patriots in Superbow XLII on Sunday, Febraury 3 at 06:17 PM ET Live on Fox Sports.

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