No more spending hundreds for a tripod – build your own for one dollar (yes – $1)

by Trendy

All of us have experienced problems with taking pictures on a digital camera. A slight shake and your image is completely blurred. I have tried many a times to take nighttime pictures, without a flash, to keep the night colors intact using specialized settings on my digital SLR. I have failed almost every time because i cant keep my hands still while taking a picture.

I haven’t tried what is demonstrated in this video, but i will definitely give it a shot very soon. Following is the description of the technique by the producer of the video :

“Don’t be a slave to your tripod. Build this stabilizer and see how much better you photos and video can be. Get professional results. This instructional video shows yo… More»u how to build your own stabilizer in 5 minutes for less than $1. It is super light weight and folds up small enough to fit in your pocket. With this stabilizer, you can hand-hold your camera with shutter speeds at least 3 stops slower than without. It works just as well with video cameras.”

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